High School: Vices 101 and Immorality 101

High school is a very important stage in a persons’ life. Without a high school diploma, one cannot move on to college. A college degree is the first thing that big companies look for and therefore without a high school diploma, there can be no college degree, and no employment. But also, even if high school is the first step to a career, it is also the top school for probably the only two subjects a student would love and the parent would hate: Vices 101 and Immorality 101.

Parents will give their best to send their children to very good schools for their high school education, the one that they think will equip their children with skills for college and eventually for life. However, no matter how much they look, every school has its under ground subject of Vices 101. It is a bonus subject taught by students to other students. One might wonder exactly what is on the syllabus of this subject. Well, it includes smoking, drinking, and gambling. High school students think it is cool to be a smoker because the former bullies in grade school, those who seemed like the “cool” guys, are still the same people now but now they smoke and therefore everyone else thinks it is “cool” to smoke. Another vice that they will learn about is drinking. Again just like smoking, fellow students (for some reason) look up at those who can take tremendous amounts of alcohol. It is also laughed at when one has a weak alcohol tolerance and it often happens that this person is who the group purposely gets drunk then they make him do what not. Another popular vice among high school students and even older people is gambling. Most if not all of the students in high school are avid fans of the NBA and the bookies have made their way to this market. And mind you, the amount of cash these students put in sports betting is not small. The minimum bet for each game is 1,000 pesos. Sometimes, there are 12 games in a day. On average, around 4,000 pesos are placed in bets. The thing is, it is not a “money down” kind of betting. The bettor can bet all he wants and then pay at the end of the week. If he loses, he wants to win it back. If he wins, he wants more. This is how addicting gambling is and it is an instant effect.

Another thing parents look for in the high school they will enroll their children in is how much virtue their child will acquire. Some will even just choose to enroll them in Catholic schools. Unless they really want to become priests and nuns, teenagers will be teenagers and high school is where they will learn Immorality 101. Again the syllabus of this subject: teenage sex, pornography, and flirting. In high school, especially in exclusive schools, pornography is rampant. The boys; conversations often involve green jokes and what they watched on @!(#&*.com last night. They even talk about how hot this certain girl is and how they want to #@#!(@#. Teenagers are fond of partying. They like to have fun, socialize, etc. But partying is often the grounds for flirting and eventually going somewhere else and doing what not. During a party, the girls and boys cannot help but notice the eye catcher of the evening. They see and meet new people and flirt with each other if they like the person. As the night moves on, they would have talked a lot and they would have had one too many drinks. Before they know it, they wake up next to someone they vaguely remember and not knowing at all how they got to where they are now. A couple of weeks later, at least for the girls, they find out they are pregnant. I am not saying that this happens 100% of the time but it does happen and it is a sad fact that it happens too often. The rate of teenage pregnancies is high. As of April 21, 2009, there are over 435, 436 live births to 15-19 year olds in the US[1].

High school is where one will gather the skills needed for college and even for professional life but the parents’ teachings of values and morals are equally as important because high school is also where students learn the bad things in life, primarily Vices101 and Immorality 101.This essay is not telling parents not to send their children to high school anymore. Maybe this essay may seem pro home schooling but what this essay is trying to say is that the evils of this world really cannot be avoided. High school itself is not enough for them to learn what is right and what is wrong. Not all high schools have values formation and even those that do have students who commit these wrong doings.

[1] http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/teenbrth.htm


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