The Merits of Blogging

This is an article I wrote to try for a school paper. The previous entry was an article I wrote for one of my english classes.


Blogs have now become major tools of communication and of self-expression. People can now express what they have to say or showcase their talents (mostly in photography and writing) by having a blog. It gets even better because everyone is capable of having his or her own blog. For those who are still unaware, blogs are simply websites wherein people are allowed to post almost anything and everything they want. This is something that can be seen as an advantage or a disadvantage depending on how it is looked upon. This article aims to focus on the merits of blogging.

First of all, a blog is very easy to make. All anyone needs to create his or her own blog is a computer (complete with mouse and keyboard), and an Internet connection. There are a whole lot of websites that allow people to make their own blogs such as blogspot, Twitter, multiply, etc. What people do on blogs basically is to keep putting information about them or about anything under the sun. Blogs are often mistaken as a person’s online journal. This is not a lie but it is not the whole truth either. It is an online journal in the sense that a person can put anything he pleases in his blog. He can write about himself of write about a subject, which gives readers and subscribers material to entertain themselves with for a while and come back for more.

Another merit of blogging (people will really count this as a merit in its most literal sense) is that people who blog can end up being paid. There are websites who look for writers who will write for them on a regular basis and will get paid in return. The wonderful thing about it is that it is just a part time job and it is so easy and most of all, the person is simply doing something he loves. The blogger needs a PayPal account and he will get an account in one of those websites and start blogging. Topics vary from blogs for animal lovers, plant lovers, car lovers, and so forth.

Lastly, blogging gives writers and readers another means to communicate. For those people with relatives and friends abroad, they would obviously want some sort of communication with their relatives and friends and even see, literally through pictures, their loved ones in a different location. Blogging allows this because bloggers are now allowed to post their pictures on their websites. Not only are they allowed to post pictures, but posting these pictures is very much hassle free because the pictures are posted in a snap. Within a few clicks, a few minutes or even less, the users’ pictures will be up on his website and will be ready for viewing by anyone, unless he chooses otherwise.

Many people are afraid to post blogs but really, there is nothing to be afraid of. The user just has to be careful with what he posts online. Other than that, blogging is a fun, free, and easy way to communicate, entertain oneself, or even to make money.


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