Proscribed Love: Maybe It Cannot Be.

I started writing this poem 01-27-11

I finished writing it 01-30-11

I edited, typed, uploaded it 02-01-11

Don’t over think. 🙂 Enjoy! 🙂

This poem I’m not sure if I should write,

Because it’s something I’d discuss only over San Mig Light.

You see I met this girl.

Little did I know she’d give my world a little twirl.


How we started talking I cannot recall;

It was really nothing, but slowly for her I would fall.

Days went by and the topics got more serious;

But until this day the end of this story still makes me curious.


Regarding her looks, you wouldn’t have anything negative to say,

But what’s inside is something I’d discover another day.

She’s actually a very deep person;

We could talk about topics as deep as the ocean’s bottom.


When I found that out, it got me thinking:

Is this the girl for whom I’ve been longing?

Smart, pretty, trustworthy, deep, and funny;

The guy who has her is surely very lucky.


The more I got to know her, more and more for her I fell;

And when I’m not with her, on her my mind would dwell.

Unfortunately for me I can’t have her;

Not now, not tomorrow, maybe not ever.


She may be right for me but who am I to say I’m right for her?

Heck do I even deserve this girl?

There are many reasons to want her but also many to just let these feelings go.

Right now I don’t know; then again maybe I’ll never even know.


And this is this poem’s end;

But not for this story for it still has an open end.

This concludes the story of a forbidden love,

Of a boy who fell for a girl he could not have.


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