Persuasive speech against the RH Bill

I did this to help a friend with a report for school. Only the body of the text is what I wrote originally. Parts A through C are not mine, I just edited them.

Topic: Abolishment of the Reproductive Health Bill

Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience to the negative side of the RH Bill and to petition against it.

Thesis Statement: The need to abolish the RH Bill because it will have a negative impact on the community and the government.


A. Attention Material/Credibility Material:  I chose this topic because the RH bill because is highly controversial with experts, academics, religious institutions, and major political figures both supporting and opposing it, often criticizing the government and each other in the process. The issue is so divisive that at one point, the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines threatened to excommunicate President Benigno Aquino III if he supported the bill. I believe that this bill is wrong and it has to be abolished for the reasons that I will explain later on.

B. Tie to the Audience: Philippine society will be greatly affected if this bill is passed. Generations after generations after generations will suffer if the bill is passed.

C. Thesis and Preview: In talking about the abolishment of the RH Bill, I would like to focus on two key points. The first being how the RH Bill will, if approved, destroy the very foundations of the Filipino family and second, the truth behind the lies that the RH Bill is covered with.


A. The value of marriage will be taken away

Contraceptives bring about the downgrading of marriage, disrespect for one’s spouse, usually the wife; leads to more extramarital sex, more fatherless children and single mothers – as proven by Nobel prize winner, George Akerlof. Marriage is supposed to be sacred. If the RH bill is approved, the government will have a budget for condoms and they will give them out for free. If that happens, people will be more active sexually and this will result to more unwanted pregnancies. Unwanted pregnancies lead to abortion, something illegal here in our country. Also, since the pregnancy is unwanted and if the couple is not married, it will result in divorce and the child having only one parent who most likely cannot support the child. In the end, it is the child who really loses.

Look at the faces of children in the streets, can you really avoid thinking that they are a result of a “one night stand gone wrong”? One can argue that a condom should have been used to avoid the pregnancy. True but for one thing, even if there is a condom or even if the couple uses contraceptives when they have sex, accidents happen; accidents that can result in a baby being born. Another thing to consider is that just because the couple used contraceptives, there will be no sexually transmitted disease.

Talking about sexually transmitted diseases, if the couple is too poor to purchase contraceptives, it is logical to assume that they do not have enough money to buy medicines to heal these diseases either.

B. Parents as the sole teachers of Sex Ed

To the parents who are oblivious to this bill, picture a society wherein your children will go to school and when you ask them what their subjects for the day are, they will answer among others, sex education. The thing is, not all children are the same and only the parents know the “right time” for them to have the sex talk with their kids. It is not something that kids have to learn and read and take notes about. It is something very private that only the parents have the right to teach.

C. The RH Bill lies about science facts on the use of artificial contraceptives.

1. The pill and the IUD kill babies: human life starts at fertilization, when the sperm cell enters the egg cell. The pill has a secondary “post-fertilization” effect. In other words, using the pill does not prevent pregnancy; it kills the baby when it is formed. How different is this from murdering a human being? The definition of murder is taking another person’s life, which is what the pill does and which is by the way illegal in most if not all parts of the world.

2. The pill causes cancer. The International Agency for Research on Cancer in 2007 reported that the pill causes cancer, giving it the highest level of carcinogenicity, the same as cigarettes and asbestos. It also causes stroke, and significantly increases the risk of heart attacks. In other words, taking the pill is just like smoking while pregnant and this has many negative effects on the fetus. For one, there is an increased risk of ectopic pregnancy. In this kind of pregnancy, the embryo ends up in the fallopian tube or some other abnormal site aside from the uterus. This pregnancy, with only rare exceptions, results in the baby not being born and it will have to be taken out with drug treatment or surgery to save the mother’s life. Other effects of smoking while pregnant are stillbirth, miscarriage, and severe vaginal bleeding, to name a few. Therefore if you are the guy or even the woman about to engage in “safe” sex, safe is what you make it to be because you have the pill, would you really put your female partner’s life and for that matter, the baby’s too, in jeopardy?

3. Condoms do not prevent sexually transmitted diseases, they just lower the risk of the person wearing them getting infected. If the RH bill is passed, then condoms will be given away for free, think of the increased sexual activity and with that, the increased risk of sexually transmitted diseases. One kind of STD that condoms cannot prevent is HPV or human papillomavirus. There are more than 200 kinds of HPV and this disease can lead to several different kinds of cancer—cervix, vulva, vagina, and anus for the women and for the men, the penis and the anus. The saddest part about HPV is that there is no way to detect it and it rarely shows any symptoms so even if you are a selfish person who does not care about what I have mentioned previously about contraceptives, are you really willing to put yourself through this and risk getting infected with this STD?


A. Brakelight/Transition: As I have shown all of you, if the RH bill is passed, it affects more than just us, more than just the whole nation. It affects the next generation and all generations after that.

B. Summary: I have showed you three major implications of the RH bill. If it were a bill all that good, why does it have to keep on changing name (it’s on its 3rd) and after all these years, why has it not been passed?

C. Tie Back To The Audience: Let us say for the sake of discussion that this bill is passed. Can you forgive yourself if your child in the future is affected because you or your spouse has STD? Can you forgive yourself if you give your spouse STD? When that time comes, sure you can say that you did not support the RH Bill but did you do anything to even try and prevent it? If not, you are equally liable for it being passed.

D. Concluding Remarks: With that, I would like to just leave you to think of everything I have told you. Think of the future, think of your future spouse. For the men, sure you can sleep around all you want now but can you face your future wife knowing you did what you did, having the risk of getting her sick? For the women, can you bear the thought of having a child who will have a defect at birth because of something you did in the past? If the RH bill is passed, people will become more sexually active and sex is something not to be done just for doing it. It is an act of love done by a married couple. Think of the future; love your future spouse and children.



18 Responses to “Persuasive speech against the RH Bill”

  1. There are some knowledge of STDs you all ought to know:According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 19,000,000 new STD cases occur each year in the United States,which may be the reason that why there are more than 680,000 members on the STD dating site herpesmingle.And it is also a problem in AU.maybe we ought to take action to change!

  2. Which is why this bill should NOT be passed. There will be an increased number of STDs. Take HIV for example. In the 1980s, the cases in the Philippines and Thailand were the same. Around 8,000. In 2009, Thailand resulted to condoms. The Philippines’ cases of HIV increased to 12,000. Thailand increased to a whopping 530,000 cases. So WHY would any government want to pass a bill such as this?

  3. C'est moi Robyn Says:

    You might be interested in this:

  4. It doesn’t make sense at all.. How can you have std if you are using condoms? what is more safe have sex without protection or having sex with protection? And how come unwanted pregnancies come out if you are using condoms?unless the condom had a hole..

    • Look it up. There are certain STDs that CANNOT be protected by condoms, such as herpes. Meaning even if a condom is or is not used, the chance of getting that STD is the same. Directly answering your question, sex with the condom is safer. But why would you want to be “safe” when the reason you are having sex is supposed to be to conceive a child? When the condom breaks, that is precisely the reason that unknown pregnancies occur. The thing is, if condoms were not promoted, then these unknown pregnancies would not occur.

  5. there’s a big differences between killing the conceive egg and the joining of the sperm and the egg..preventing does not kill anything.

    • I know. I never said preventing kills anything. What I said is that the pill kills a conceived egg, it does not prevent. Of course those who are in favor of the pill will tell you that it just prevents the sperm and egg from meeting but the truth is that it kills a conceived egg.

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  7. anonymous Says:

    Yes ! We Should not pass rh bill

  8. anonymous Says:

    Idon’t care the RH Bill!!!!! Anyway , it is just a trash..Kung kailangan ipasa ito , ipasa na agad para hindi ma-default! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAh

  9. yesz! ure very correct!

  10. erson go Says:

    ,,humayo tayo at magpakarami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………………………………………………………… diba un sbi ni lord????………………………………………………………..

  11. ThANkyOu veRY muCH t0 tHE peRSon wh0 maDE tHis !!!!!!

    it really helps me a l0t !!!!!!

    n0w , i can pass a project ab0ut persuasive essay ab0ut thew rh bill !!!!!

    thank y0u again !!!!!

  12. now,the rh bill was approved and bcame a law.,.then wt wil happen sa atin? pwd lng ba yung mging hayop tayo dhl sa law? is it the pill ow will? i dn’t care for the pill. if there’s a will there’s a way!!

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