The Iliad Book 2 – a reaction

A blog response to Book 2 of The Iliad by Homer for Literature class.

Book 2 of the Iliad, Assembly and Muster of Armies, was a pretty boring read. It was long but only because so many names were mentioned but I doubt they are even relevant in the whole text. When book 2 started off, it was evening and all the Greeks were sleeping. Zeus was wide-awake and he was thinking of how to destroy the Akhaians when they go to war without Akhilleus. What he did was he sent a dream to Agammemnon. The dream appeared to Agammemnon in the shape of Nestor and basically told him to make haste and attack Troy because the gods are united already and that Zeus will help them bring down Troy. Agammemnon had a word with his peers and they rounded up all troops. In the book, after this, Homer just enumerates the captains of each ship and sometimes, how many ships each captain manages.

It was an easier read than book 1, which makes me think I am beginning to get the hang of reading the book. It is just a case of making sure that I understand each and every little detail, and when I space out I make sure that I read that part all over again.


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