The Iliad Book 3 – a reaction

A blog response to Book 3 of The Iliad by Homer for Literature class.


I believe in the saying “3rd time’s the charm” and this came true as I read Book 3 of The Iliad. It is the first book in The Iliad wherein something interesting actually happens. In this book, the Trojans and Akhaians prepare for battle. As they are marching towards each other, Alexandros goes in front of all the Trojans and asks the Akhaians to bring their best soldier forward and to fight him “in the melee”. Menelaos is the one who accepts this challenge but as Alexandros sees him coming to the front, he moves back as if to hide behind some Trojan soldiers. Hektor sees this and he gets angry and his brother. He gets angry because Alexandros is not living up to what he did, which was to take Helen from Menelaos. And now that Menelaos is going to fight him, he hides. Alexandros responds by challenging Menelaos; the winner takes Helen and the Spartan gold and the rest of the Trojans and Akhaians leave each other in peace. They fight and as Alexandros is about to be killed, Aphrodite saves him. She comes, shrouds Alexandros in Mist, and then brings him back to Priam’s castle. Helen meets Alexandros in his room and sort of rubs it in his face that he is no match for Menelaos. As they are together in the room, Menelaos is searching the ranks for Alexandros and cannot find him anywhere. Agammemnon said that Alexandros could not be found anywhere, proclaimed Menalaos winner, told the Trojans to surrender Helen and pay up, and then left.

As soon as I finished reading this book, I wanted to turn to Book 4 right away cause I was bitin. I got so engaged in the book and was really enjoying it. I realized that even old literature could be appreciated. Even more than that, I had fun doing it. Because of Book 3, I look forward to reading the next books of the Iliad and hope that most of them can be like this one, too.


One Response to “The Iliad Book 3 – a reaction”

  1. jojonicdao Says:

    Great! please update your blog until book 7. Thanks!

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