The Iliad Book 7 – a reaction

A blog response to Book 7 of The Iliad by Homer for Literature class.


Book 7 starts off with Hektor and Alexandros returning to the war and Apollo and Athena agreeing to end the day’s battle by planning a duel. Hektor then approaches the Akhaian line and challenges “the greatest of the Argives” to fight him. No one dares challenge Hektor except Menelaos but his brother Agammemnon talks him out of it because he knows Menelaos is no match for Hektor. Nestor is too old so he tells the others to fight Hektor. Ajax ends up fighting him after lots were drawn between nine Akhaians. Ajax and Hektor start fighting and after they use their spears and lances, Ajax hits Hektor and as they are about to use their swords, night falls upon them and their battle ends. They end with a pact of friendship and exchange gifts. Antenor, Priam’s advisor, asks Paris to give up Helen so as to end the war. Paris refuses but as compromise, he offers to give back all the loot he took from Sparta. The next day, the Akhaians refuse this offer but both sides agree for a day to honor their dead.

This particular Book in The Iliad was not boring but I found it tough to read because of the long stanzas. I like reading 10-15 line stanzas because I get to keep my focus, unlike in Book 7 where there are as long as 30 line stanzas. But other than that, Book 7 was an interesting Book.

Another thing I liked in this Book was how much respect these people have for their dead. Even if they are enemies, even if the army of the opposite country is weak, they give way in order to pay tribute to the dead. Unlike in our current situation, when an army sees their enemies are weak, they see it as an opportunity to attack. There is no respect whatsoever for dead people. I mean, they are already dead, why deny their families of the chance to give them good and proper burial rights? Wars are arguably inevitable but they should be fought for the right reasons. “Right” here can have different meanings but I am not about to talk about morals right now. In the Iliad, they are still somewhat fighting for the right reasons and in my opinion that is why they can find it in their hearts to give their enemies a chance to give their dead proper burial rights.


3 Responses to “The Iliad Book 7 – a reaction”

  1. jojonicdao Says:

    book 8 please?

  2. Gillette Says:

    where is the reactions of book 8 to 24 ?

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