The Iliad Book 8 – a reaction

A blog response to Book 8 of The Iliad by Homer for Literature class.

Book 8 of The Iliad starts off with Zeus power-tripping. He tells all the gods and goddesses that they cannot interfere with the war because he is going to be the one to control it for the meantime. Athena talks back but Zeus pretty much snobs her and returns back to Mount Ida. At noon time, there has been a lot of blood shed and Zeus decides for a Trojan and a Greek to die. He begins hurling lightning bolts and this causes the Akhaians to retreat. Hektor charges; Odysseus retreats but Nestor and Diomedes continue to charge at the Trojans. Nestor is driving the chariot that he and Diomedes are on when Zeus hurled a lightning bolt causing Nestor to fall on the ground. Hektor continues charging at the Greeks while taunting Diomedes. Zeus continues to hurl lightning bolts at the Greeks, causing them to retreat back to the ships. Hektor asks for torches to burn the ships but Agammemnon prays to Zeus and they are given courage to rally. Diomedes is the first to draw Trojan blood. Teucer, a Greek archer, keeps shooting at the enemy and keeps trying to hit Hektor, wherein he failed but he killed Hektor’s chariot driver. The Trojans bounce back from the Greeks’ fury and this angers Hera and Athena. They begin to prepare for battle when Iris stops them with a message from Zeus. Back in Mount Olympos, Zeus mocks the two goddesses, Hera and Athena. They try to reason with him and he tells him that they will have their chance the following day. Hektor tells his army that they should eat because it is already night fall. They set camp on the battleground and light many fires so that no Greek can sneak in.

I personally enjoyed this Book as much as I did not. I enjoyed it because there was a lot of fighting, there were not too many long paragraphs, and I could really imagine what was happening as I was reading the text. However, I did not enjoy it because I did not like what Zeus was doing in this particular Book. As I described a while ago, he was power tripping. The war was fine when it was the other gods and goddesses who were in it because at least it was pretty much balanced. Some gods and goddesses were for the Trojans and the others were for the Akhaians. For me, if Zeus really wants to control the war, he should do what he wants and let happen what he wants to happen. He should not manipulate the war and tell the others to keep out of it because that defeats the whole purpose of the war. The war is precisely so that one side will win and the other will lose. But if he will manipulate it all on his own, then there is really no point. It is as good as him ending the whole thing altogether.


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  1. jojonicdao Says:

    I’m eagerly waiting for your book 9 blog!

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