The Iliad Books 16 – a reaction

A blog response to Books 16 of The Iliad by Homer for Literature class


Book 16 starts of with Patroklos paying a visit to Ahilleus. Patroklos tells Akhilleus that if he will not go back to war, he should let Patroklos wear his armor and go instead. This way, even if it is not him, then at least the Greeks’ moral would be boosted and they would get pumped up to fight. Akhilleus agrees but only to a certain point—to make the Trojans move back far enough from the ships. Before Patroklos even gets out, a ship already collapses in flames. As he is about to leave, Akhilleus prays to Zeus that his friend may come back safe and that the ships be okay.

The favor quickly goes to the Akhaians as soon as Patroklos comes. He gets the Trojans to move away from their ships. As Hektor retreats, the rest of the Trojans get trapped in the trenches. Patoklos kills many people at that moment including Sarpedon, mortal offspring of Hera and Zeus. Zeus decides to kill Patroklos for killing Sarpedon but only after he allows Patroklos to rout the Trojans. Zeus turns Hektor into a temporary coward and Hektor leads the Trojan retreat. Patroklos meanwhile, disobeys Akhilleus by still going forward to fight. Homer mentions to the readers that had Apollo not interfered, the city might have fallen right there and then. However, Apollo snuck up behind Patroklos then Hektor finished him off.

I liked Book 16 because it was not a boring Book in The Iliad. There were plenty of events that transpired and it involved plenty of the really major characters in this book. There was plenty of action, and it showed consistencies following the previous books. It made me realize that in reading The Iliad, I was not completely lost after all. I say this because as I get deeper into the book, many times I do not feel like I am following the story anymore. But here in Book 16, I kind of realize that “oh, I am still reading The Iliad!”. This is a Book wherein I see pieces slowly falling into place. It is still quite near the middle so I cannot really say that everything is falling into place but I am slowly getting there.


One Response to “The Iliad Books 16 – a reaction”

  1. jojonicdao Says:

    good you’re still reading The Iliad!

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