You could be next!

This is just my reaction to the “amalayer” incident. It is pretty informal but I tried to get the message across to the best of my ability. Hope you enjoy!

        Last week, another video went viral. Yes you guessed right, this is about the “amalayer” incident. In the Santolan LRT station, a girl started shouting at a lady guard for allegedly being rude to her and wrestling her arm. Unfortunately for her, a bystander using the camera on his cell phone caught the incident. Just like the Carabuena incident, the girl turned into an overnight superstar thanks to all her haters.

        I myself was quick to make fun of the video upon seeing it, mostly because of the part when I realized what the title (“Amalayer”) meant. But one thing I realized to myself after a lot of reflecting on the incident was that I found nothing wrong with what she said and more importantly, how it was said. A lot of people speak English here in the Philippines and a lot also have an accent when they speak the language. I believe her accent was, to put in today’s common language, pretty legit.

        After watching the video, a friend of mine asked me what I would do if the girl in the video were my girlfriend. I immediately answered him by saying that I would break up with her. However, this answer was not thought of and I was still making fun of the video at this point. He was right, I was being judgmental at that time because when I got home, I was constantly thinking about his question and this is the answer I came up with: I would not break up with her because this would be one of the times in her life if not the most important time that she would need me.

        In order to break this answer down I would have to point out the same thing I did when the Carabuena incident was still fresh and hot on our Facebook and Twitter feeds. In this case, did she really deserve to be hated on? If her allegations were true and if it happened to us, would we not act in a very closely similar manner? She lost her cool and just exploded; maybe she was having a bad day. The point here is, it happens to all of us. At one point or another in our lives, we have questioned authority, we have shouted at guards, and we have humiliated people in front of a public audience. What right have we to hate on this girl?
The only difference I see between the Amalayer incident and how the rest of the world treats (especially) security guards is that this incident was caught on video and it spread like wildfire across the internet. One good thing about the video going around is that it will teach people to be more mindful of how they act in public. There are eyes everywhere, and among those eyes there will always be one of the most powerful ones: the eye of the camera.

        And finally, just a message to everyone carrying camera phones, let us use these with responsibility. I am not trying to take a stab at the guy who uploaded the video but what I am saying is it that we should not use our gadgets to capture moments and shame people. We can go straight to authority and the right people to handle the situation can take proper action; not the netizens who have proved time and again how someone’s reputation can easily be destroyed once something is online. Like I said, this sort of thing happens to all of us, we would not want our faces trending on the news feeds of the world, would we?


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