Here is a shot at a creative piece inspired by a photo taken by a friend.

Props to Bravewelle Madera for the picture. This is his photo.

Down. Down is more than just a word; it is more than just a noun, a verb, an adverb, an adjective, and a preposition. Down is a feeling and an emotion. Down is what we feel after quarreling with our loved ones, be it our best friend, our brother, sister, mother, or father. It is what we feel when we get a low mark on our exam. There is no happy or sad ONLY, for in between is “down”. After the tears of a break up, one may or may not be over the ex but one thing is certain: that person is feeling down.

On August 19, 2012, Maria celebrated her 19th birthday and was very happy. It was the type of happiness wherein she felt invincible, that feeling wherein she just said to herself “I’m on top of my everything, nothing can stop me now”. This was because she had just gotten the results of her final exams and she aced each and every one of those exams. Also, her long time crush of 5 years and whom she had been dating for about 4 months now popped the question “would you be my girlfriend?” after class, to which she gladly said yes to. Two days prior, she had just won first place in the annual singing and beauty contest she had been joining for the past 4 years.

She was living the life that most girls could only dream of. Her family ties were very strong; she would talk to her mom like she was her best friend. Maria and her mom would talk about anything from the latest fashion trend, boys, problems, and literally anything under the sun. They would shop together during mall sales as if it was their first time. Her dad was always supportive towards her and anything she liked whether related to academics or extra-curricular activities. Her brother was always there for her when she needed someone in her generation who could relate, someone to whom she could rant, lean and cry on, and bully when she had nothing better to do.

Everyone respected this girl. She was well rounded, and lived a life of virtue and piety. If there were such a thing as a “perfect girl”, she would be the one. But unfortunately, there is no such thing. On the eve of her mother’s birthday that year, December 19, 2012, Maria was in school, doing the daily grind, when she got a text message from her dad saying that he was in the hospital. He told her that her brother was on the way to pick her up from school so they could follow to the hospital. She panicked after reading the message because the tone did not sound good at all. She tried to calm down and not over think as she replied and asked what the problem was.

She and her brother got to the hospital and their dad hugged them as tightly as any dad could hug his two children. It was not the happy, bear-like hug that parents normally give their children but it was a hug that, without, they would fail to stay standing on their feet. They proceeded to the morgue so the children could see their mother. She had a heart attack while having lunch with a friend and was declared dead on arrival at the hospital.

Maria’s mom was gone. What hurt the most is not that she was not able to say good bye or that it happened so sudden. What hurt the most is when Maria quarreled with her best friend in school and neither her father nor her dad could relate to why she was so agitated. What hurt the most is that all the advice regarding her boyfriend she would hear from family was “if you love him, stay; if you don’t, leave”. What hurt the most was that when there was new fashion and mall sale all Maria could do was stay home because she could not bear the thought of doing something she did only with her mother.

Maria’s grades in school suffered quite badly and she stopped all her extra-curricular activities. She was a total wreck and could not focus for so long. She was sad and in despair and felt like it was the end of the world. However, there was nothing she could do. She sought professional help and eventually got over the fact that her mom was dead and was never coming back. She finally pulled her grades back up and got into singing again. She was able to do everything she and her mom used to do and found new people to talk to about things she talked a lot about with her mom. After all the sadness and despair, whenever she remembered her mom, she still felt down.


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