Open Letter to Fellow Millenials

I stopped writing because I’ve been telling myself that when I write I want it to mean something to someone. If I’m able to touch the mind or heart of even one person with this, that’d be more than enough for me. I haven’t written in a while so I guess I’m kinda rusty so please bear with me.


Dear fellow millenials,

Three words: stand for something. The way I see it, we have become too passive. We sit behind electronic screens watching the world pass us by. It’s true what they say—knowledge is at the edge of our finger tips but we have become too spoiled and too lazy to take it. Simple fact checking can be done with a few clicks and yet we refuse to do it.

We are no longer children. We might still be living in our parents’ houses but most of us are already working. We should no longer count on our elders to spoon feed us with information on things happening around us. There is a real world outside of the Uber that takes us to work, our social media feeds, and our bedrooms. And we may or may not feel it, but the things happening around us do matter as they affect us and can drastically change the way we live our lives.

I’m not just talking about the current controversies happening in our country, but that is what inspired this letter. Yesterday I was at the People Power Monument, the same place my parents were in, some 30 years ago, when they were my age. Different generation, same cause. I experienced what it took to experience the freedom we enjoy today. I was touched upon seeing the thousands in attendance. I was greatly inspired because majority of the crowd were millenials, like me. It felt different, knowing that so many of us, the youth, were standing for what we believe in.

So this letter goes out to those who were at home yesterday. I’m not saying attend every rally there is. I’m not saying engage every comment in every thread. I’m not saying bash the other side. But if you were at home yesterday because you are “neutral” to all of this, you ought to think again. You cannot be passive in all of this. We owe it to our parents who braved those very streets 30 years ago. We owe it to our country which may or may not be run the way we would like it to be, but it’s the country we love, not those running it right? We owe it to ourselves to take a stand because without a stand then really, what are we doing?

Again, this isn’t just about yesterday. I think it applies to everyday events. Guys hindi tayo tubig. Wag tayong pa agos-agos lang. Change the “come what may” mentality. Life may be like a game of cards; play the hand you’re dealt. Well, why not count cards? Right now the deck is hot, time to make a move. It’s time to stop going with the flow and start making decisions and standing firm about them. It’s time to stop with the “bahala na” attitude and start working for and taking what we want. Out with the “kahit ano” or “okay lang,” in with the either or and standing by it.

We have everything we need. #noexcuses. We have the freedom to think and to speak out. Let’s use it while it’s there.



Inspired millenial


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